Friday, August 10, 2012

Superman goes to Los Angeles

This graphics blog has been all Nets for the past three months.  In that time, I put Dwight in Brooklyn gear and, because of it, I was put on  But, it's all over now and Dwight has officially been traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. 

 Like I said in the beginning, this isn't "My Nets GraphiCKs," this is a blog designed to feature anything I have to offer.  So far, that's been nothing but net, but today I present the quickly designed, Purple and Gold, Superman logo.  As a Nets fan, I wish it was black and white, but it is what it is.  Let's go Brook!

And, while I'm posting graphics that are non-Nets related, I recently made a design for a DJ who e-mailed me for a logo.  His name is DJ T-Conks and was looking for something with a vinyl record and wording he wrote.  He also wanted it to pop, so I went with a blue.  The following is what he received and, thankfully, he was more than pleased!

For your design needs, feel free to contact me at or @CKCash30 on Twitter to discuss rates!


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