Monday, August 20, 2012

Pop Tarts - Limited University Edition

Next month, Kelloggs will be releasing five "Printed Fun" University Edition Pop-Tarts.  Included : North Carolina University, The University of Florida, The University of Michigan, The University of Georgia, and Arkansas.  Today, the box art for those editions were revealed.  

Here are the Actual Pop-Tart Boxes to be released :

Not bad.  I get that the focus is on the printed logo, but I think they dropped the ball.  Why Strawberry?  Why not Blueberry for NCU?  Why that red bar across the front?  We all know how traditional and classic that North Carolina blue is.  Why not incorporate it more and really make it stand out?

Well, I can't answer those questions.  But continuing my theme of diversity here on The GraphiCKs, I'm presenting mock-up designs that I think represents the Universities better.  In both flavor and design.

 What do you think?
Would you rather look at mine or the originals?
Which would you buy first?
Let me know @CKCash30

I will be working on further designs for additional products in the future.  I've always been fascinated by package art and how it pulls the consumer in.  So making my own in my spare time is always fun.


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