Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Custom Nets Opening Night Video

I've ventured out into video.  It's not really my forte, but I had to add some type of video for viewers to watch when they listen to the audio I've come up with.

As a fan, I want the opening night to be impactful, setting up the rivalry with the Knicks and welcoming me to the new arena.  That's what this custom Opening Night Intro is for.  Regardless of whether or not the Nets do something like this, I wanted to make my own.

Written by me.  Special thanks to Jasen Anthony for the amazing voice over.  Credit for video goes to all their original sources.  Like I said, I'm graphics and audio.




  1. man u make some excellent job there, with your permission i could use some of your work already posted here in a nets blog in greek i'm trying to work on. Already posted your vid here:
    It's a pitty i don't have enough time and patience to use pho sho, so all i can do is to create through paint. Keep up the nice work dude

  2. Hey there
    Feel free to use whatever you like. All I ask is that you give me credit somewhere on your blog and link mine so people can come check everything out. Thanks man!