Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Opening Night Designs

With all eyes now focused on Opening Night between the Nets and Knicks, I'd expect the merchandise machines (on both ends) to really start pumping out the goods.  For fans of either NY team, that's nothing but a positive.  Well, except for your wallet.

I love making my own T-Shirt designs and wanted to share this one with you.  It's obviously not an official Adidas release, but I used their logo to represent the relationship they have with the NBA as the official sponsor.

I'm obviously not selling this shirt or design because, one, the logos are copyrighted by the NBA, Nets, Knicks, and Adidas.  Two, as an employee of the team I would never violate terms or conditions.  However, this design is yours to use however you wish.  I'd absolutely love to see fans wearing this on Opening Night and, if you're lucky, I'll bring my silver sharpie and sign it for ya haha!

Oh, yeah, I didn't leave those Knickerbocker fans out.  If we're gonna have a rivalry, let's at least look good doing it.  

Similar with an obvious difference.  Enjoy, print, iron on, order, whatevz!


Media Day

The Brooklyn Nets held their Media Day yesterday and, through it, countless photos of Nets Players in their (finally revealed) jerseys have been surfacing on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other Social Media outlets.  For a designer like me, that means it's time to get to work.  When pictures like the following emerge, I can sit back and relax for hours just having fun with my talents.  These are just a few I've made so far, but there will surely be more to follow.  Now that all surprises have been revealed, I don't have to imagine anymore.  This is what it is and I'm rolling with it.

Despite "Clique" being a Kanye song, this is more of a reference to Jay-Z who performed this track at his Opening Night concert at the Barclays Center.

The following, made for PingsHoops.com, is a recreation of the banner hanging at the Nets' Practice Facility.  It can be seen in pictures taken during today's first Training Camp session.

Finally, Past meets Present