Saturday, May 26, 2012

Eyes on the BIG Prize

The NBA Store is currently selling their Playoff merchandise and, included, are the "Eyes on the BIG Prize" t-shirts featuring some of the best playoff teams (some now eliminated) and the NBA trophy.  Obviously, the Nets are not in the mix this year, but the best part about next year is that the NBA plays another season!

This time next year, we'll all hopefully be wearing this image on a black tee!

In addition to the Playoff tees, the NBA also offer t-shirts similar to the one above featuring a team logo and their star player.  Of course, the Nets are not featured.  Maybe it's because they came out before the logo reveal?  I have no idea, but I do know that we're now one of the top selling teams and should be included in all NBA marketing.

Anyway, here's what it might have looked like if we were included..

Black T-Shirt

White T-Shirt


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mirza Teletovic

NetsDaily is reporting that Europe's top scorer, Mirza Teletovic, may be interested in joining the Brooklyn Nets.  The front office seems to be interested as well.  This could ultimately lead to a very nice pick up for the team in the future.  So, of course, we have to see what this guy would look like in black and white.

Obviously, the BK Nets jersey won't have as many stripes (if any at all), but it still looks good.  The color scheme has really grown on me.

As a bonus, with the NBA Draft Lottery now less than a week away, here's what we hope to see on ESPN when it's all said and done..

 UPDATE: As requested by a member of NetsDaily, here is a variation of the above photo featuring Irina Pavlova of Onexim Sports and Entertainment along with the addition of Michelle Beadle

Not too shabby..

Another update.. Somebody asked for a version with Nancy Neuman of the YES Network so I quickly put this together.  Each of these photos have gradually gotten faker looking, but it's pretty funny nonetheless..


Nets Fans

I fully intend developing this site into more than just a Nets graphics site but, right now, that's what I'm really in to and I have so many ideas that I'm just running with them.  

This past season, Nets fans came out in full force to support the players they felt were critical to the future success of the organization.  The image below was taken the night Dwight Howard came to New Jersey.  Of course, I changed things to look more like next year.

It's going to be pretty awesome when all those red seats are filled with black and white jerseys, shirts, hoodies, and hats.  Next year, expect to see attendance like never before. 

Barclays Center

The photo was a little blurry so this didn't come out as well as I wanted it to, but it gives a general idea of what we may see come next season.

I eliminated all graphics related to the New Jersey Nets and replaced them with Brooklyn Nets graphics.  I also added the logo at center court and the Barclays Center logo on each end of the baseline.  Because the Barclays Center is supposed to have a more intimate atmosphere, similar to that of NY and LA, I darkened the contrast so the stands and fans would be darker while the court remains lit.  Finally, if you notice, the fan in the lower left corner is wearing a black Deron Williams jersey.

Hope you like it!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Jersey Nets

While looking through my folders, I found some old stuff that I made this past year during the Dwightmare.  Even though everything about it is irrelevant now, I still wanted to share it here.  Why not?

Nothing more than a simple background and glow

A bit blurry, but you get the idea that Superman was almost on his way to the Barclays Center.  Hey, it's still possible!

Obviously never finished this NJ-ORL hybrid, but that Jersey would have looked good on the big man.

The way it should have been in 2002 and 2003.. Ah well, at least The Captain got one in Dallas

Just two variations of what could have been, last season and next, under the guidance of the most interesting man in the world..Mikhail Prokhorov.

I like what this one represents, but looking back, D-Will's face in the trophy is a bit corny.  But it's something I made so it goes here!

This was my phone background for a while about a year ago.  Nothing spectacular about it, but it was something I made quickly when I was bored.

Before the 35th Anniversary logo was revealed, I tweeted this image to Brett Yormark and suggested that he use this patch or something similar to represent the history in New Jersey.  I don't know if he ever read or saw my tweet, but we did get a patch!  I personally wanted to see the NJ logo come back in our final year, but I'm happy with the 35th Anniversary logo and, I'll admit, it looks better than what made above.

This was the background on my Google homepage since before the NBA lockout.  I had high hopes for this past season and truly thought we might see Dwight make his way to NJ.

The Nets logo, old and new, are perfect for the addition of this NBA trophy.  I couldn't figure out which one I liked best, so I just saved all three variations and, now, they're posted on MyGraphiCKs.

I found this one in my folder as well.  Growing up, I was the biggest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan.  To this day, the hold a pretty special place in my heart.  So I had to combine the TMNT with my NJ Nets.  Could anyone stop this team?  I really like this one, but I'll need to update it now that the Nets are in Brooklyn.

Speaking of BK.. Here's a few more I made a while ago..

Before the new Nets logo leaked, I designed my own logo based on the rumored black and white color scheme.  It's hard to believe how close I came to the actual logo with both the shield and the ball.  I added pinstripes to the logo because I was guessing that Jay-Z may go the Yankee route and use them on the Jerseys.  I think it came out nice, especially with our old jerseys in black and white.

After the logo was officially revealed, I updated what I had previously made to match what is, and probably will be, more likely.  In addition, we have the Barclays Center in the background.

To round things off, we'll end with what is now a classic logo with a bit of distress.  Gotta love it :)


Brooklyn Nets Continued

Back again with additional Brooklyn Nets designs and this time I'm including some players.  Some are currently on the team, some will be free agents, and some have been rumored to be options this Summer.  At this point, there are many variables up in the air for the Brooklyn Nets, but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun and take a look at what the future may potentially hold.

First, a few images I forgot to add in my first post..

Similar to the NBA trophy I recently uploaded, these two images are in traditional gold with only slight changes.  I'd love to see that top image made into a patch and put on a black Brooklyn Nets Jersey some day.

Considering we don't know what the new jersey will look like and we obviously don't have any images, it's not all that easy to create the perfect interpretation of what you may think the jersey will look like.  This one of D-Will has its faults, but I'm happy with it overall.  It's uncertain whether or not Williams will re-sign with the Nets, but black and white suits him well.  Just sayin!

I like this one of Williams much better.  As Brett Yormark stated, the word "Brooklyn" will be present on both the home and away jerseys, so I'm going with my gut and assuming that this may very well be what the new jersey looks like.  I know many fans are thinking along the same lines and that makes sense.  It's simple, it's classic.  In this version, I included the black stars along the side in honor of the classic ABA jerseys.  I'd love to see the team pay homage to our roots with something similar, especially because they were NY jerseys, but I won't be surprised either way.

These two Brook Lopez graphics aren't perfect and I know exactly what I need to fix, but I wanted to get them up here with the rest of them.  The first one uses a slogan that the Nets have been using since the launch of the new logo, "Fan Since Day One," and I think it's a great line.  This is a new team, a new beginning, and the band wagon has plenty of room for anybody who wants to hop on now.

The second one is mind.  I always thought B-Lo was a great nickname for Lopez, but feel it's very under used.  It would have made sense for Gary Sussman or, now, David Diamante, to yell "Look Out B-Lo" after a monster jam more often. Whether or not the name sticks doesn't matter, I just wanted to add a bit more to the graphic and I think it does a great job of letting Brooklyn know that something big is coming.

I once tweeted about the "Marshon Invasion."  It was pretty cool when Marshon Brooks himself RT it and it got a few responses.  Much like"B-Lo," I thought it would be awesome to hear Ian Eagle use the phrase after a nice fade-away jumper or quick slice to the rim.  It never caught on, but I had to use it in one of my graphics anyway.  I'm not so impressed with the jersey, but I'll take it for what it is.

This one isn't my favorite, but I think you can kinda tell where I was going with it.  Nets fans know that Marshon is best known as "swag" in terms of nicknames so the tagline makes sense.  I replaced the ball with the secondary logo to give the impression that Brooks has Brooklyn in the palm of his hand.  It's ok.. Not my best, but it's okay..

In college, Marshon Brooks wore black and white so this image was pretty easy to put together.  Added the text, the number, and the NBA logo.

Kevin Garnett is not a Net, but he could be.  He's an unrestricted free agent this Summer and it is possible that the Nets convince the veteran to sign with Brooklyn.  Fans may be divided on the matter due to Garnett's age, but there's no denying his star power, intensity, and leadership would intrigue the borough, the organization, and his teammates.  It's a long shot, but ya never know..

KG in a white Brooklyn Nets Jersey

Similar to the first, KG in black

I wanted to break away from the black and white a bit so I created this image with lightning to represent the type of impact KG would have on Brooklyn and the Nets.  It's not something I'd expect the Nets to make or promote, but I like it nonetheless.

Gerald Wallace is a guy I'd love to see the Nets extend this Summer.  He brings the type of hustle, passion, and drive that hasn't been seen since Kenyon Martin.  Seeing as how Wallace's nickname is "G-Force," this one was pretty easy to come up with.

Jason Kidd is, without a doubt, my favorite basketball player of all time.  What he did for the Nets 10 years ago is something I'll never forget.  It was the greatest time for the organization and, as a fan, it was an honor to watch Kidd cement his legacy as a triple-double machine.  

While it was great watching Kidd win his first NBA championship last year, it's a shame that it had to be with a team other than the Nets.  Now, according to Kidd (maybe jokingly) he plans on backing up Deron Williams on whatever team he ends up on.  That leaves the possibility of a return to the Nets wide open.  That's why this graphic was made.  Perhaps, this fall, legends really do come home.

Now, of course, there is always the chance that Deron Williams leaves the Nets and leaves the team will a gaping hole at the PG position.  If that happens, what do the Nets do to fill it?  There are a few options, with Goran Dragic probably being the top choice, but swiping Jeremy Lin from the Knicks wouldn't be so bad the right price, of course.  Under the right guidance and system, Lin actually could be "Linsanity."  He's no Deron Williams (just watch what D-Will did to him in their second meeting) but he may be what the Nets need come July.

We've all heard about Linsanity over and over again, but what about LYNsanity?  Get it?  BrookLYN?  With Jeremy Lin on the Nets, the marketing possibilities are unlimited.  For that reason, I wouldn't mind having Lin as a back up to D-Will if Kidd decided not to be.  Maybe I should copyright "Lynsanity" right now and get ahead of the game.  Just remember you read it here first.. just in case ;)

Lin is still a Knick, so this is a lot more Lin than a Nets fan need right now, but I love this quote from Mikhail Prokhorov.  For the first two years, I didn't think it was possible.  Knicks fans becoming Nets fans?  They're a devoted fan base and I won't knock 'em for that.  But, believe it or not, It's starting to happen.  Brooklyn pride is beginning to take over and, slowly but surely, Knicks fans are jumping ship.  Signing Lin would just be a slap in the face to anyone who stays true to the orange and blue and the organization that would lose a major market.

If you read, you'd be up to date on all the latest Nets news and rumors.  Well, it's possible that Deron Williams demand a S&T to the Los Angeles Lakers.  In that event, it's unclear who the Nets would actually acquire, but one would assume Gasol or Bynum would have to be included.  It's not something I'd want to see happen, but it's possible.  That's why Pau is in Brooklyn Black and White.

That's it for my BK Nets graphics as of now, but I'll keep 'em coming!