Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mirza Teletovic

NetsDaily is reporting that Europe's top scorer, Mirza Teletovic, may be interested in joining the Brooklyn Nets.  The front office seems to be interested as well.  This could ultimately lead to a very nice pick up for the team in the future.  So, of course, we have to see what this guy would look like in black and white.

Obviously, the BK Nets jersey won't have as many stripes (if any at all), but it still looks good.  The color scheme has really grown on me.

As a bonus, with the NBA Draft Lottery now less than a week away, here's what we hope to see on ESPN when it's all said and done..

 UPDATE: As requested by a member of NetsDaily, here is a variation of the above photo featuring Irina Pavlova of Onexim Sports and Entertainment along with the addition of Michelle Beadle

Not too shabby..

Another update.. Somebody asked for a version with Nancy Neuman of the YES Network so I quickly put this together.  Each of these photos have gradually gotten faker looking, but it's pretty funny nonetheless..


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