Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Jersey Nets

While looking through my folders, I found some old stuff that I made this past year during the Dwightmare.  Even though everything about it is irrelevant now, I still wanted to share it here.  Why not?

Nothing more than a simple background and glow

A bit blurry, but you get the idea that Superman was almost on his way to the Barclays Center.  Hey, it's still possible!

Obviously never finished this NJ-ORL hybrid, but that Jersey would have looked good on the big man.

The way it should have been in 2002 and 2003.. Ah well, at least The Captain got one in Dallas

Just two variations of what could have been, last season and next, under the guidance of the most interesting man in the world..Mikhail Prokhorov.

I like what this one represents, but looking back, D-Will's face in the trophy is a bit corny.  But it's something I made so it goes here!

This was my phone background for a while about a year ago.  Nothing spectacular about it, but it was something I made quickly when I was bored.

Before the 35th Anniversary logo was revealed, I tweeted this image to Brett Yormark and suggested that he use this patch or something similar to represent the history in New Jersey.  I don't know if he ever read or saw my tweet, but we did get a patch!  I personally wanted to see the NJ logo come back in our final year, but I'm happy with the 35th Anniversary logo and, I'll admit, it looks better than what made above.

This was the background on my Google homepage since before the NBA lockout.  I had high hopes for this past season and truly thought we might see Dwight make his way to NJ.

The Nets logo, old and new, are perfect for the addition of this NBA trophy.  I couldn't figure out which one I liked best, so I just saved all three variations and, now, they're posted on MyGraphiCKs.

I found this one in my folder as well.  Growing up, I was the biggest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan.  To this day, the hold a pretty special place in my heart.  So I had to combine the TMNT with my NJ Nets.  Could anyone stop this team?  I really like this one, but I'll need to update it now that the Nets are in Brooklyn.

Speaking of BK.. Here's a few more I made a while ago..

Before the new Nets logo leaked, I designed my own logo based on the rumored black and white color scheme.  It's hard to believe how close I came to the actual logo with both the shield and the ball.  I added pinstripes to the logo because I was guessing that Jay-Z may go the Yankee route and use them on the Jerseys.  I think it came out nice, especially with our old jerseys in black and white.

After the logo was officially revealed, I updated what I had previously made to match what is, and probably will be, more likely.  In addition, we have the Barclays Center in the background.

To round things off, we'll end with what is now a classic logo with a bit of distress.  Gotta love it :)


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