Friday, April 19, 2013

Nets VS Bulls - Playoffs - Round 1

This is it.. The moment Nets fans have waited for.  The moment Brooklyn has waited for.  Finally, we are back where we rightfully belong.. The NBA Playoffs.  As expected, we're facing the Chicago Bulls in what will surely be a battle.  

I know that the Brooklyn fans will be out in full force.  I know the Brooklyn Brigade will be Louder and Prouder than ever.  So, of course, I had to create designs and then more variations of those designs to do my part.  

Let's get these up. Let's get these out there.  Print them and share them with the stranger next to you.  Get them on National TV.  Get ESPN talking about the Brooklyn Nets fans and let 'em know, this aint Jersey baby!


Get these signs out there!! Tweet Players, Celebrities, and fellow Nets fans!  Encourage people to support the team more than they have for the past 82 games! We're going to need it.  Let our team hear you!  Let our team SEE you!  And let's Blackout in Brooklyn!

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