Monday, June 10, 2013

Tim Tebow to the New England Patriots

Today, the New England Patriots announced that they've signed Tim Tebow after being released by the New York Jets.

As soon as I heard the news, the creativity sparked my mind and this image immediately popped into my head.  Whenever an idea hits me like that, it has to be done.  Not later, not in a few days, but now.  When you're a designer, you're essentially competing with thousands of people who are just as creative as you are, if not more so.  You don't want to be the guy who says "Ah, why didn't I think of that" or "Man, that was my idea."  If you have an idea, you have to act on it immediately.

I'll admit, this was made quickly.  I literally completed the drawing in less than 30 minutes, but I love it for what it represents for Tim Tebow and his new team.

I completely designed a body for this mascot based off the old Patriots logo.  The color scheme and style is my own.  The point wasn't to create a cool body, but to show a body at all.  The Patriots logo is just a head and that just wasn't enough to go Tebowing.  So the body was obviously a must-make and it's there to simply make a statement.

So I'm really happy with this.  I could have perfected it, but I was racing against time and other creative people.  The only image that beat me (that I saw) was one featuring the Patriots' head on an actual picture of Tim Tebow.  Not exactly a graphic design, but they definitely had the idea in their head.  Like I said, it's competitive.


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