Friday, April 5, 2013

Road Dogg Jesse James Twitter Background

I first began designing when I was about 13.  I made WWE backgrounds using "cutouts" and magazine photos.  It was where my passion was born and, from there, it progressed to other loves of mine.  I've always been a big wrestling fan.  Since I was three-years-old, I've loved the entertainment and emotions it evokes.

Unfortunately, so many amateur and professional designers make various wrestling designs that it's difficult to find a niche.  But, recently, I noticed that an Attitude Era veteran, Road Dogg Jesse James, is in need of a new Twitter background.  So, this is what I created.  Will he use it?  Who knows?  But I thought it was a cool attempt to reach a childhood favorite and offer my thanks through one passion to another.

I used his classic logo as featured on his current background.  I wrote his name in a font similar to that on his old WWF t-shirt.  I included the classic DX logo and his Twitter handle.  In the middle, a DX barcode.  On the right side, a play on his legendary quote.  In another play, the iconic Twitter bird has been decked out to match his look and logo.

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