Thursday, February 21, 2013

Loud & Proud 2/24 vs GRIZZLIES

For those of you looking for designs for Loud & Proud signs on February 24th when the Nets take on the Memphis Grizzlies, here is where you will find all that I have to offer.

Remember, the largest sign allowed into the Barclays Center is 11x17

This has been posted before, but not in clear quality.  This is here for those who want it.


The BrooklyKnight doesn't get enough love from the fans.  Show him some at the game!!

Deron Williams - Running The Show

CJ Watson has been playing well as of late.  Give the Quiet Storm some attention!

The Marshon Invasion continues through the trade deadline.  Embrace the Invasion until the off-season!

Let's make the Grizzlies cry on 2/24

I don't get much attention from Nets Daily or Net Income, but is still a great site for Nets fans to come together.  If you want to represent the site, this logo is for you!

The Grizzlies are a very tough team.  If we can't beat them, let's hope we can tame them. #TameTheGrizzly!

We're on the Path to the Playoffs now.  Let's get our eyes on the prize and focus on that Trophy with one game at a time!

Want to get on the Dance Cam?  This might help.  It's bright and the sponsor, Party City, would love it! Plus, it features our resident "Dancing Fan" Jeff Gamblero!

Help Mr. Whammy jinx the opposing free-throw shooters!  Hey, maybe it'll increase our odds! 


I've seen fans holding up signs featuring our letters and they always get attention!  I wanted to make them a bit more "official."  And no, I didn't forget an O, you just have to print it twice ;)

Stay tuned for more and, if you have any suggestions, tweet them to me @CKCash30

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