Saturday, July 28, 2012


If you were watching the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony, then you probably saw the new Budweiser commercial featuring Jay-Z wearing a Nets hat.  If you didn't, then check it out here.

Using two screen caps, I made two new Nets graphics featuring the minority owner.

In the first, pictured above, you can't tell who the figure is, you can only make out the silhouette.  What is visible, however, is "Nets" on this unidentified man's hat.  It's almost ominous.  Something is coming, and it's coming to takeover New York on November 1st.  It's threatening and that's the theme I'm going for as the Nets take on the Knicks on opening night!

In the second image, you can now tell it's Jay-Z in the image and, again, the hat is clearly identified.  Jay-Z appears to be looking at something.  He's glaring off into the distance.  What does he see.  "Can You See The Vision?"  Perhaps it's the Blueprint to Success.  We'll find out on November 1st.


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