Friday, June 22, 2012

Dwight Howard and Deron Willams

This one is long overdue.  If you're a fan of the NBA at all, you understand the Dwightmare and the constant talk about where Dwight Howard may end up this season or next.  For Nets fans, we came thisclose to having him as our starting Center last March.  Now, the rumors are heating up again.  Well, I made a few Dwight graphics last year, but I haven't made anything featuring him in black and white.  Until now.

Of course, the whole point of having Dwight here (and why he wants to come at all) is to pair him up with Deron Williams.  The Dynamic Duo could be the best in the NBA and a championship could be won with the right role players around them.

Finally, I made an image resembling the following when they were in New Jersey.  I received great feedback so I updated it for Brooklyn.  Here it is.. But, the quality isn't as great as I would have liked.  I pushed my computer to the limits, I guess.  Still, it came out great..

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